– In department of Vendée : Camping of the Billardière :

This residential area, open all year round, is located in the department of Vendée not far from the town center of the town of Moutiers les Mauxfaits.

It is located five minutes from the magnificent amusement park http://www.oglisspark.fr/,

I just finished a week’s stay in a mobile home: Whaouh: What a calm! There is a fish pond with wild ducks every morning and evening. Fishing is permitted and free!

For lovers of swimming, the water of the very large swimming pool is at 28 °!

The welcome of the owners is warm and everything is set up to make your weekend or week very pleasant.

Here, one feels a little home because the pitches are large and privacy preserved.

A common point between all the residents: the desire for tranquility and rest in the countryside. I will say no more, because I am a tourist too and I leave

you, the desire for discovery!  The website of the camping : Domaine de la Billardière .  Some photos nevertheless ….


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